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Stevengraph picture titled The Death




st188 STG170 Final Spurt (The) (excellent quality image)
st191   Finish (The) - woven at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893 (reasonable quality image)
st192 STG160 Finish (The) (excellent quality image)
Finish (The) - J J Mannion credit (good quality image)
      Fire Engine (The) - see: 'For Life or Death'
st196 STG174 First Innings (The) (excellent quality image)
st197   First Innings (The) - cigarette advertising (excellent quality image)
st200 STG175 First Over (The) (excellent quality image)
st201   First Over (The) - wrong silk (good quality image)
st204 STG164a First Point (The) (excellent quality image)
st208 STG164 First Point (The) - with additional person - the 'slipper' (excellent quality image)
st212 STG172 First Set (The) (excellent quality image)
st216 STG173 First Touch (The) (excellent quality image)
st220    First Train (The) (excellent quality image)
st224 STG192 First Train (The) - sub titled: 'Built by Geo. Stephenson in 1825' (excellent quality image)
st228 STG189 For life or death - sub titled: 'Heroism on land' - 4 horses (excellent quality image)
st232 STG190 For life or death - sub titled: 'Heroism on land' - 2 horses (excellent quality image)
st236 STG141 Forth Bridge (The) - bridge being built - sail boat in centre (excellent quality image)
st240 STG142 Forth Bridge - bridge complete - tug boat in centre (excellent quality image)
st248 STG166 Full Cry (excellent quality image)
Gentle Jesus, Meek & Mild (little girl praying) (excellent quality image)
      Gentleman in Kharki - see under Stevengraphs - Portraits
      Glasgow Exhibition of 1888 - see: 'International Exhibition'
st252 STG168 God Speed the Plough - with flock of birds (excellent quality image)
st256 STG168a God Speed the Plough - no birds (excellent quality image)
st260 STG187 Good Old Days (The) - no background (excellent quality image)
st264 STG188 Good Old Days (The) - winter landscape (excellent quality image)
st268   Good Old Days (The) - with winter landscape, one tree, contemporary design (excellent quality image)
st270   Good Old Days of Rattling Wheels and Gallant Greys (The) - each word starting with 2 colour letter (excellent quality image)
st272 STG180 Grace Darling (excellent quality image)
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