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Stevengraph picture titled The Death




st188 STG170 Final Spurt (The) (excellent quality image)
st191   Finish (The) - woven at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893 (reasonable quality image)
st192 STG160 Finish (The) (excellent quality image)
Finish (The) - J J Mannion credit (good quality image)
      Fire Engine (The) - see: 'For Life or Death'
st196 STG174 First Innings (The) (excellent quality image)
st197   First Innings (The) - Allen & Ginter's advertising (excellent quality image)
st200 STG175 First Over (The) (excellent quality image)
st201   First Over (The) - wrong silk (good quality image)
st204 STG164a First Point (The) (excellent quality image)
st208 STG164 First Point (The) - with additional person - the 'slipper' (excellent quality image)
st212 STG172 First Set (The) (excellent quality image)
st216 STG173 First Touch (The) (excellent quality image)
st217   First Touch (The) - Allen & Ginter's advertising (excellent quality image)
st220  STG192 First Train (The) (excellent quality image)
st224   First Train (The) - sub titled: 'Built by Geo. Stephenson in 1825' (excellent quality image)
st228 STG189 For life or death - sub titled: 'Heroism on land' - 4 horses (excellent quality image)
st229   For life or death - sub titled: 'Heroism on land' - 4 horses - JJ Mannion Credit (excellent quality image)
st230   For life or death - 4 horses (Allen & Ginter's advertising) (excellent quality image)
st232 STG190 For life or death - sub titled: 'Heroism on land' - 2 horses (excellent quality image)
st236 STG141 Forth Bridge (The) - bridge being built - sail boat in centre (excellent quality image)
st240 STG142 Forth Bridge - bridge complete - tug boat in centre (excellent quality image)
st248 STG166 Full Cry (excellent quality image)
Gentle Jesus, Meek & Mild (little girl praying) (excellent quality image)
      Gentleman in Kharki - see under Stevengraphs - Portraits
      Glasgow Exhibition of 1888 - see: 'International Exhibition'
st252 STG168 God Speed the Plough - with flock of birds (excellent quality image)
st256 STG168a God Speed the Plough - no birds (excellent quality image)
st260 STG187 Good Old Days (The) - no background (excellent quality image)
st262   Good Old Days (The) - no background (Allen & Ginter's advertising) (excellent quality image)
st264 STG188 Good Old Days (The) - winter landscape (excellent quality image)
st265   Good Old Days (The) - winter landscape - Worlds Columbian Exposition (excellent quality image)
st268   Good Old Days (The) - with winter landscape, one tree, contemporary design (excellent quality image)
st270   Good Old Days of Rattling Wheels and Gallant Greys (The) - each word starting with 2 colour letter (excellent quality image)
st272 STG180 Grace Darling (excellent quality image)
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