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Other Silk Manufacturers

    Brough, Nicholson & Hall, Leek - Late and mainly POST Victorian era [to 1983]
[Note: When they closed in Coventry, Thomas Stevens & Co. amalgamated with Brough, Nicholson & Hall]
obn4 Bookmark - signature of Mary Adelaide, being H.R.H. Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck, Mother of Queen Mary who visited Leek in August 1872 (when the Stone Chair on the Roaches was cut), and who also visited in May 1895 when this bookmark was made
obn8 Bookmark - Laying of the Corner Stone of the Leek Technical School July 24 1899 (with signature of Millicent Sutherland, Her Grace the Duchess of Sutherland) (excellent quality image)
obn12 Bookmark - Opening of the Technical School by HRH The Duchess Of York Foundation Stone of Gymnasium laid by HRH The Duke Of York Leek July 28 1900 (no credit) (excellent quality image)
obn16 Bookmark - Sacred heart of Jesus / (bleeding heart with a cross) / I place my trust in Thee
obn20 Bookmark - Earl Kitchener
obn28 Bookmark - With The Seasons Greetings (Lord Kitchener) (excellent quality image)
obn32 Bookmark - E R Coronation May 12th 1937 (of King Edward VIII) (excellent quality image)
obn40 Bookmark - Coronation King Edward VIII May 12th 1937 (excellent quality image)
obn44 Bookmark - Coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1937 (excellent quality image)
obn48 Bookmark - Crowned May 12th 1937 (George VI and Queen Elizabeth looking forward) (excellent quality image)
obn52 Bookmark - Crowned May 12th 1937 (George VI and Queen Elizabeth, with national emblems at four corners of portrait) (excellent quality image)
obn56 Bookmark - Canada 1939 (Commemorating the Royal Visit of King George V1 and Queen Elizabeth) (excellent quality image)
obn60 Bookmark of Marriage of HRH Princess Elizabeth. C.I. with Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten R.N. solemnized at Westminster Abbey 20th November 1947 (excellent quality image)
obn64 Bookmark of Festival of Britain 1951 Leek (excellent quality image)
obn68 Bookmark of Elizabeth II crowned 2nd June 1953 (facing left) (excellent quality image)
obn69 Bookmark - Elizabeth II crowned 2nd June 1953 (facing right) (excellent quality image)
obn80 Bookmark - In celebration of the Centenary of the Amalgamated Society of Textile Workers and Kindred Trades 1871 - 1971 (excellent quality image)
obn92 Bookmark - 3rd Annual Textile Exhibition, Leek Show 1975 (excellent quality image)
obn96 Bookmark - In Commemoration of the Bicentennial of American Independence (1976) (excellent quality image)
obn104 Bookmark - Inauguration of the President January 20 1977 (James E Carter) (excellent quality image)
obn108 Bookmark - In Commemoration 50th Anniversary Lindbergh's Flight May 20 1927-1977 (excellent quality image)
obn112 Bookmark - The Queen's Silver Jubilee 1952-1977 (excellent quality image)
obn116 Bookmark - 104th Imperial Council Session / 1978 / Detroit Michigan July 10-14 (excellent quality image)
obn120 Bookmark - July 29th / Prince Charles and Lady Diana / 1981 (with Prince of Wales feathers) (excellent quality image)
obn121 Bookmark - The marriage of HRH The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, St Paul's Cathedral, 29th July 1981 - smiling Diana (excellent quality image)
obn122 Bookmark - The marriage of HRH The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, St Paul's Cathedral, 29th July 1981 - laughing Diana (excellent quality image)
obn126 Bookmark - Order of St. John (excellent quality image)
obn136 Bookmark - Merry Christmas to all (excellent quality image)
obn140 Bookmark - Noel (excellent quality image)
obn144 Bookmark - Oh Tannenbaum (excellent quality image)
obn265 Bookmark Calendar - 1965 (reasonable quality image)
obn272 Bookmark Calendar - 1972 (excellent quality image)
obn273 Bookmark Calendar - 1973 (excellent quality image)
obn274 Bookmark Calendar - 1974 (excellent quality image)
obn275 Bookmark Calendar - 1975 (excellent quality image)
obn276 Bookmark Calendar - 1976 (excellent quality image)
obn277 Bookmark Calendar - 1977 (excellent quality image)
obn278 Bookmark Calendar - 1978 (excellent quality image)
obn279 Bookmark Calendar - 1979 (excellent quality image)
obn280 Bookmark Calendar - 1980 (excellent quality image)
obn281 Bookmark Calendar - 1981 (excellent quality image)
    Greetings Cards
obn304 Canterbury Cathedral Christmas card (excellent quality image)
obn306 Liverpool RC Cathedral Christmas card (excellent quality image)
obn308 Salisbury Cathedral Christmas card (excellent quality image)
obn312 Westminster Abbey Christmas card (excellent quality image)
obn316 York Minster Christmas card (excellent quality image)
obn340 Seasonal Greetings Christmas card (Holly & parcel) (excellent quality image)
obn344 Seasonal Greetings Christmas card (3 wise men) (excellent quality image)
obn348 Seasonal Greetings Christmas card (Father Christmas) (excellent quality image)
    Silk Pictures
obn404 Silk picture of Battle of Waterloo 1815 (excellent quality image)
obn408 Silk picture of Procession 1935 (excellent quality image)
obn412 Silk picture of E VIII R Coronation 1937 (excellent quality image)
obn416 Silk picture titled Orient (excellent quality image)
obn428 Silk picture of The Laughing Cavalier - 1954 (excellent quality image)
obn432 Silk picture of The Tailor - 1959 (excellent quality image)
obn436 Silk picture of Sir Winston Churchill - 1965 (excellent quality image)
obn438 Silk picture of Moon Landing (1969) (excellent quality image)
obn440 Silk picture of Blackpool Centenary 1876 - 1976 (excellent quality image)
    Loose silks, patches, badges etc. (multiple images)
    There are multiple images under this general heading
    Garment Labels (multiple images)
    There are multiple images under this general heading
    Other Items containing BN&H Silks
obn900 Leather writing case with silk picture of Battle of Waterloo 1815 on front, and silk picture of Procession 1935 on inside (excellent quality image)
obn902 Souvenir booklet with silk pictures of Battle of Waterloo 1815, and of Procession 1935 (excellent quality image)
Brief History of Brough, Nicholson & Hall, Leek, Staffordshire - contained in the Staffordshire County Council's Staffordshire Past-Track web site.

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