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Typical J. & J. Cash bookmark

J. & J. CASH

The term "Stevengraph" strictly applies to those silks made by Thomas Stevens, but has now become generic and applied to all woven silk and man made fibre pictures, bookmarks, cards etc..

It is little recognised that whilst Stevens started in the mid 1860's, the Coventry weavers of J. & J. Cash can also trace their history back to the same period. The difference being that Cash's are still weaving in Coventry, and absorbed W. H. Grant (in March 1961), and possibly other weavers detailed elsewhere on this site.

The earliest record of Cash is in 1846, with the registration of their Hereford Street address, although it is believed they were in existence before this date. It is not known when they made their first picture or bookmark, although I have recorded a silk ribbon or bookmark titled " H.R.H. Prince Consort ", with the woven J & J Cash name, which dates to circa 1862. Stevens of course registered his first bookmark design also in 1862.

In keeping with the tradition of the Coventry silk weavers, Cash still produce woven products today, as Cash's (UK). Early weavings were in silk, now it is man made fibres, although their current production items are most elegant in their own right.

Recorded below in categories are titles and images of Cash's woven items. Their production though since Victorian times has been both prolific and diverse. I know these records are hopelessly inadequate, but we must start somewhere, and this is but the start of a very long journey. I too have not attempted to allocate a Catalogue Number to any of these records (as they would change regularly), but simply record the File Reference Number (which is allocated sequentially as each new title is added). The structure of each page is also liable to change as and when I work out how best to catalogue the enormous number of Cash's woven tapestries.

produced by J. & J. Cash:-

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