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Charles Berisford

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      Charles Berisford,
Congleton, near Macclesfield

  obe2 Butterfly - Red Admiral (excellent quality image)
  obe4 Butterfly - Small tortoiseshell (excellent quality image)
  obe6 Butterfly - Marbled white with thistles (excellent quality image)
  obe8   Butterfly - Swallowtail
  obe22   Bluetit
  obe24 Bullfinch (excellent quality image)
  obe26 Great tit (excellent quality image)
  obe28 Kingfisher (excellent quality image)
  obe30 Owl half asleep (excellent quality image)
  obe32   Owl with castle
  obe34 Robin (excellent quality image)
  obe36   Woodpecker
  obe52 Pair Chaffinchs & eggs (excellent quality image)
  obe54 Pair Goldcrest & butterfly (excellent quality image)
  obe56 Pair Nuthatches on branch (excellent quality image)
  obe58 Pair Wrens (excellent quality image)
  obe72   Bluebells
  obe74 Foxglove (excellent quality image)
  obe76 Marigold flowers (excellent quality image)
  obe78 Poppy flowers (excellent quality image)
  obe92   Badger (might not be by Berisford)
  obe94   Cat - poppies (might not be by Berisford)
  obe96   Cat - red flowers, in widow (might not be by Berisford)
  obe98   Cat - violet flowers, and trellis (might not be by Berisford)
  obe100   Cat - pink flowers, and trellis (might not be by Berisford)
  obe144 1994 Calendar (excellent quality image)
  obe215 Berisfords / The Ribbon People / 1858 -1983 / Est. 125 years (excellent quality image)
  obe220 Berisfords Limited / Label Division (excellent quality image)
  obe225 Blackpool Zoo (excellent quality image)
  obe230 Borough of Congleton Cheshire - Charter Celebrations (excellent quality image)
  obe240   Centennial Statue of Liberty
  obe244 Christmas 1972 (excellent quality image)
  obe245 Christmas 1973 (reasonable quality image)
  obe250 Christmas / Hark! the Herald Angels sing (excellent quality image)
  obe255   Congleton Cheshire England
  obe260 Congleton Group Silver Jubilee (excellent quality image)
  obe280   Knebworth House / Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  obe285 Knebworth House / Home of the Lytton Family since 1492 (reasonable quality image)
  obe310 Ribbons & Bows (excellent quality image)
  obe320 To commemorate the opening of "Century Mill" (excellent quality image)
  obe325   To Mark the Bi-Centenary of Newcastle Methodist Church
  obe335 With the compliments of / Berisfords / The Ribbon People (excellent quality image)

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