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Mulloney & Johnson

Other Silk Manufacturers

  Mulloney & Johnson, 3 Ironmonger Row, Coventry
omu2 Shakespeare crest button (registered 7 January 1864 with 2 silk ribbons), comprising:-
omu4   silk with words 'Birthplace, born April 23rd, 1564' (registered 7 January 1864)
omu6   silk with words 'New Place, died April 23rd, 1616' (registered 7 January 1864)
omu8 Shakspearean (sic) Tercentenary Badge: being crest button and three oval scalloped edge silks comprising:- (excellent quality image)
omu10   silk with portrait of Shakespeare and words 'Tercentenary / Commemorated April 23 1864' (registered 9 January 1864) (excellent quality image)
omu12   silk with words 'Died April 23 / Stratford on Avon, 1616' (registered 27 January 1864) (excellent quality image)
omu14   silk with words 'Birthplace / Born April 23, 1564' (excellent quality image)
omu20 Ribbon with portrait of Shakespeare at each end (registered 6 February 1864) (very long ribbon at 80cm in length)
omu24 Sash-like silk with portraits of Shakespeare at each end, crest button and oval views of 'Birthplace' and 'Stratford' (registered 6 February 1864)
omu28 Sash (10cm wide) with Shakespeare tercentenary views (registered 6 February 1864)
omu32 Ribbon with words 'Suffer little children to come to me' (registered 28 July 1862)

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