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E. Bollans & Co. Trademark as printed on the card on which the bookmarks were mounted for posting
    E. Bollans & Co., 14 Ranelagh Terrace, Leamington
    (Note Bollans were possibly Wholesalers, as many silks are identical to other manufacturers, particularly Welch & Lenton, and the address given on some of Bollans Register entries is that of Welch & Lenton. Bollans was also recorded as wholesalers of stationery.)
    (Note too that Godden drew upon, and consolidated, various advertisements of Bollans. The description given by Godden was hence restricted by the limited wording used in those advertisement. Whilst potential inconsistencies are being systematically eliminated from the index below, there may nevertheless be duplication between Goddens description and the more accurate title derived from actual images of the bookmarks concerned.)
obo8 ** No. 72 A BIRTHDAY / (rural scene) / Let this pledge . . (excellent quality image)
obo12 ** No. 77 A Birthday / (flowers) / May all thy birthdays . . (excellent quality image)
obo16 ** No. 10 A Birthday Gift / (oval of leaves, with words:) Birthday wish . . (excellent quality image)
obo24 ** unknown A BIRTHDAY GIFT / (flowers) / WHEN THIS LITTLE BOON . . (excellent quality image)
obo28 ** unknown A BIRTHDAY GREETING / (flower wreath) / The return of thy . . (excellent quality image)
obo32 ** No. 64 A BIRTHDAY WISH / (flowers) / Dear friend 'tis my wish . . (excellent quality image)
obo36 ** unknown A Birthday Wish / (flowers) / Many happy returns . . (excellent quality image)
obo44 ** unknown A Birthday Wish / (flowers) / May your life to . . (excellent quality image)
obo53 ** No. 7 A BLESSING with heartsease, God bless thee, dearest . .
obo56     A BLESSING / (flowers) / Let My Blessing . . (excellent quality image)
obo60   No. 65 A Blessing / (flowers) / May Heaven's Blessings . . (excellent quality image)
obo64   unknown (flowers) / (wreath with words: A Blessing / May Heaven's Blessings . . (excellent quality image)
obo72   No. 50 A Blessing / (coloured landscape) / May your heart . .
obo80   unknown A CHRISTMAS GREETING / cross / At this glad season . . (excellent quality image)
obo84 ** unknown A FRIENDS BLESSING / (rural scene) / Summer smiling . . (excellent quality image)
obo96   unknown A Happy Christmas / (village street) / A Happy Christmas . . (excellent quality image)
obo100 ** No. 9
A HAPPY CHRISTMAS inside oval of leaves, Though times . . (excellent quality image)
      (ribbon on flowers) A Happy New Year - see: obo480 - May Peace and Love . .
obo105 ** unknown A HAPPY NEW YEAR / (street scene) / May peace and love . . / Protect Thy Heart . . (excellent quality image)
obo112 ** No. 30 A LOVE TOKEN (red & blue flowers) The dearest wish . . (excellent quality image)
obo116 ** unknown A LOVE TOKEN / (roses) / The dearest wish . . (excellent quality image)
obo124   unknown A Merry Christmas To You (image of country scene) (excellent quality image)
obo126   unknown (holly & mistletoe) / A Merry Christmas To You (excellent quality image)
obo128 ** No. 1 (robin on holly branch) / A Merry Christmas To You (excellent quality image)
obo132   unknown A Merry Christmas to you / I wish you a happy New Year (registered 24 May 1870) (over 38cm long)
obo138   unknown A NEW YEAR'S GIFT / (flowers) / This comes with the . . . (excellent quality image)
obo144 ** unknown A NEW YEAR'S WISH / (flowers) / May the New Year . . (excellent quality image)
obo152 ** No. 45 Abide With Me with five verses (excellent quality image)
obo160   No. 74 Affections Token / As dewdrop in a flower . . (excellent quality image)
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