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made by Thomas Stevens


Below is a full listing of Stevens silks in each category, together with scanned images, which themselves are from a wide variety of sources and as such vary in quality.

The information contained in these listings was initially derived from Geoffrey Godden's book Stevengraphs and other Victorian silk pictures.
The late John High, a then member of the Stevengraph Collectors Association, very kindly gave me access to his un-published lists which greatly extended our records, particular of the Alpha Series silk postcards which had not been documented before.

Thomas Stevens invented the title "STEVENGRAPH", and the first recorded use of this title was on the paper backing label of his woven silk bookmarks, in 1876.
Stevens also later named his factory in Coventry, "Stevengraph Works" and this again first appears on the bookmark backing label of 1878 - 1880.

Today it is assumed the Stevengraph title applies only to his woven silk pictures. As these however did not appear until May 1879, it is evident Stevens intended the title to include his silk bookmarks, portraits and postcards, as well as his pictures.

The key dates are:-

  Bookmarks - first Stevens bookmark registered May 1862.  
  Pictures - first scenic picture registered in May 1879 (though possibly first made in 1874).  
  Portraits - first Stevens portraits appear in early 1886.  
  Postcards - first appear in July 1903 (although sold by R.T. Morgan).  
Stevengraph typical bookmark - Peeping Tom Bookmark

STEVENGRAPHS woven by Thomas Stevens:-

SCENIC PICTURES (last updated 3 October 2015)
PORTRAITS (last updated 29 November 2016)
BOOKMARKS (last updated 29 November 2016)
POSTCARDS (last updated 27 March 2017)
LARGE SOUVENIR SILKS (last updated 3 October 2015)
SMALL RECTANGULAR and OTHERS SILK ITEMS (last updated 12 February 2016)

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