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Stevengraph Collectors' Association:-
President and UK Treasurer
Mark Cottrill
The Moat House
Lymm Hall
WA13 0AJ
United Kingdom
Vice President, US Honorary Secretary and US Treasurer
John Hartwig
3360 Pine Estates Drive
Orchard Lake
Michigan MI 48323
The SCA also has its own web site at:
Mirage Bookmark An interesting web site from Switzerland of all things bookmark.
The first link of the home page takes you to World of Bookmarks, which is perhaps the largest reference site on bookmarks on the internet.
The second link takes you to The Art of Bookmark: BOOKMARK EXHIBITION, with a cross section of the bookmark designs from 1850s up to now. You might find the odd silk bookmark!
Other links take you to The History of Bookmarks; Quotes on Bookmarks; Books & Publications; etc., as well as internet links to bookmark collections.
A very informative site, well worth an extended visit.
Stevengraphs Another large reference site on Victorian woven silk pictures and bookmarks with extensive pictures.

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