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Frank Drähne back label, with German titles shown



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It would seem that Stevens produced only a few of his scenic Stevengraph pictures with German titles, whereas he seems to have sold many unmounted silk to various German outlets.
FRANZ DRÄHNE appears to have been either the main outlet or alternatively, an agent, for Stevens scenic pictures. Because of this association, the most frequently found printed German titles are those of Drähne, and these are also included on his printed back label.
Unfortunately though, for the other unmounted silks, there is a whole multitude of different titles used; some of them not very appropriate to the original Stevens version.
For this reason, all the German titles have been removed to this seperate section, and it is noted on each separate page as to whether the picture title is one of Stevens mounts, or Drähne's.

Catalogue Number
 st44     Are you Ready?
  st44-1 Die Abfahrt (Drähne title, front mount & back label) (excellent quality image)
  st44-2 Seid Ihr fertig? (Drähne title)
  st44-3 Der erste Ruderschlag (excellent quality image)
 st60     Called to the Rescue
  st60-1 Die Rettung naht (good quality image)
  st60-2 Seeansicht (excellent quality image)
  st60-3 Zu Hülfe (Drähne title)
  st60-4 Zu Hülfe Gerufen (Stevens card mount) (excellent quality image)
  st60-6 Rettungsboot (excellent quality image)
 st88     Columbus leaving Spain 1492
  st88-1 Columbus Einschiffung nach Amerika im Jahre 1492 (excellent quality image)
  st88-2 Columbus Abfahrt von Spanien i. j. 1492!
 st104     Crystal Palace - Front View
  st104-1 Krystallpalast - Aeussere Ansicht (Drähne title)
 st108     Crystal Palace - Interior
  st108-1 Krystallpalast - Innere Ansicht (Drähne title)
 st116     The Death
  st116-1 Der Fuchs ist todt (Drähne title) (excellent quality image)
  st116-2 Fuchstodt (good quality image)
  st116-3 Der Tod (Drähne title)
 st124     The Death of Nelson
  st124-1 Seeschlacht bei Trafalgar i. J. 1805 (excellent quality image)
 st156     Dick Turpins Ride To York
  st156-1 Dick Turpin's letzter Ritt (excellent quality image)
  st156-2 Dick Turpinīs letzter Ritt auf seinem Liebling "Black Bess" (Stevens card mount)
 st188     The Final Spurt
  st188-1 Die Ankunft (Drähne title, front mount & back label) (excellent quality image)
  st188-2 Der letzte Ruderschlag (excellent quality image)
 st192     The Finish
  st192-1 Am Ziel (excellent quality image)
  st192-2 Das Ende (Stevens card mount; Drähne title & back label) (excellent quality image)
 st208     The First Point
  st208-1 Das erste Ziel (Drähne title & back label) (excellent quality image)
  st208-2 Das Losslassen (Drähne title)
 st212     The First Set
  st212-1 Das Federballspiel (Drähne title)
  st212-2 Ballspiel (reasonable quality image)
 st216     The First Touch
  st216-1 Das Fussballspiel (Drähne title)
  st216-2 Fussballspiel (excellent quality image)
 st232     For Life or Death - Heroism on Land
  st232-1 Auf Leben und Tod (Drähne title)
  st232-2 Feuerwehr (excellent quality image)
  st232-3 Die Feuerwehr
  st232-4 Die Rettung naht (excellent quality image)
 st248     Full Cry
  st248-1 Jagdgeschrei (excellent quality image)
  st248-2 Das Jagdgeschrei (Drähne title & back label) (excellent quality image)
  st248-3 Im vollen Laufe (Stevens card mount)
 st256     God Speed The Plough
  st256-1 Gott segne den fleissigen Landmann (excellent quality image)
 st264     The Good Old Days
  st264-1 Die Gute alte Zeit (Drähne title) (excellent quality image)
  st264-2 Sonst (Stevens back label) (excellent quality image)
 st376     Lady Godiva Procession
  st376-1 Der Festliche Umzug Von Lady Godiva (Stevens card mount & back label) (excellent quality image)
  st376-2 Lady Godiva zu Pferd (Drähne title)
 st400     Landing of Columbus
  st400-1 Columbus Landung in Amerika i. J. 1492 (excellent quality image)
  st400-2 Columbus Landung in Amerika im Jahre 1493 (good quality image)
 st408     The Last Lap
  st408-1 All Heil! (excellent quality image)
  st408-2 Die letzte Runde (Drähne title)
  st408-3 Die letzte Runde und mehrere Scenen (Drähne title)
 st428     The Meet
  st428-1 Das Sammeln (Drähne title)
  st428-2 Sammeln (excellent quality image)
  st428-3 Der Versammlungsplatz (Stevens card mount)
  st428-4 mis-titled: Der Fuchs ist todt (indicative quality image)
 st436     Mersey Tunnel Railway
  st436-1 Seeansicht (reasonable quality image)
  st436-2 Unterirdische Eisenbahn - The Mersey Tunnel Railway (Drähne title)
 st488     The Present Time
  st488-1 Die jetzige Zeit (Drähne title) (good quality image)
  st488-2 Jetzt (excellent quality image)
  st488-3 Die neue Zeit
 st528     Signing of the Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1776
  st528-1 Unabhangigkeitserklarung Amerikas am 4. Juli 1776. (excellent quality image)
 st548     Spanish Bullfight
  st548-1 Spanischer Stierkampf (excellent quality image)
  st548-2 Spanisches Stiergefecht! (excellent quality image)
 st556     The Start
  st556-1 Der Abgang (Stevens card mount) (indicative quality image)
  st556-2 Der Beginn (Drähne title & back label) (excellent quality image)
  st556-3 Vom Ziel (excellent quality image)
 st600     The Water Jump
  st600-1 Hindernissrennen (Drähne title) (excellent quality image)
  st600-2 Rennen mit Hindernissen
 st604     Wellington & Blucher
  st604-1 Begegnung zwischen Blücher und Wellington (excellent quality image)
       Franz Drähne Back Labels
    Franz Drähne Back Label - type 1
    Franz Drähne Back Label - type 2

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