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Stevengraph picture titled The Death




st68 STG118 Centennial Exposition / of the Ohio Valley and Central States / Cincinnati 1888 (excellent quality image) - {including Drummers' Day ribbon}
st180 STG122a Exposition Universelle 1889 (excellent quality image)
st184 STG117  
Exposition Universelle D'Anvers en 1894 (excellent quality image)
st344 STG120 International Exhibition, Glasgow, 1888 (excellent quality image)
st468 STG119a
Present from the Edinburgh International Exhibition, 1886 (A) - single silk (excellent quality image)
  STG119   Present from the Edinburgh International Exhibition, 1886 (A) - multiple silks - (see: Composite Picture silk)
st516 STG121 Royal Jubilee Exhibition, Manchester, 1887 (excellent quality image)
st520 STG122 Royal Jubilee Exhibition, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1887 (excellent quality image)
Souvenier de l'Exposition, Paris, 1900 (silk of Landing of Columbus, 1492) (good quality image)
st48 STG123 Balmoral Castle (excellent quality image)
st92 STG124 Conway Castle & Bridge (excellent quality image)
st368 STG125 Kenilworth Castle - larger (excellent quality image)
st372 STG126 Kenilworth Castle - smaller (excellent quality image)
st592 STG127 Warwick Castle - The River Front (excellent quality image)
st616 STG128
Windsor Castle (excellent quality image)
      Buildings & Views
st96 STG130 Coventry, Old and New (excellent quality image)
st100 STG129 Coventry, with Grey Friar's Green (excellent quality image)
st104 STG131 Crystal Palace (The) - Front view (excellent quality image)
st108 STG132 Crystal Palace (The) - Interior (excellent quality image)
st336 STG133 Houses of Parliament (excellent quality image)
st440 STG134 Niagara (excellent quality image)
st441   Niagara (with additional 'London City Mission Rescue Lifeboat Crew' wording above silk) (excellent quality image)
st452 ** Paris-Magasins Du Bon Marche (picture of Bon Marche building) (excellent quality image)
st460 STG137 Present from Blackpool (A) - silk titled 'View of Blackpool' (black & white image only)
st464 STG138 Present from Blackpool (A) - silk titled 'Winter Gardens, Blackpool' (excellent quality image)
st522   Royal Porch, The Mint and Gourlay's House (excellent quality image)
st524 ** Sha. Maison Du Phenix Sha (picture of Eiffel Tower) (excellent quality image)
st588 STG136 Tower of London & Tower Bridge (excellent quality image)
st596 STG139 Warwickshire Old and New (excellent quality image)
st640 STG135 Ye Old Crown House (excellent quality image)
st644   Ye Old Crown House - with curb stones on left of building (excellent quality image)
st72 STG140 Clifton Suspension Bridge (excellent quality image)
st236 STG141 Forth Bridge (The) - bridge being built - sail boat in centre (excellent quality image)
st240 STG142 Forth Bridge - bridge complete - tug boat in centre (excellent quality image)
st444 STG144
Old Tyne Bridge (The) (excellent quality image)
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