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Other Silk Manufacturers

    John Caldicott, 22 Earl Street, Coventry
(probably the first true manufacturer of silk bookmarks)
oca4 Bookmark: I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (registered 18 February 1862) (excellent quality image)
oca8 Bookmark: All generations shall call me blessed (registered 11 April 1862) (excellent quality image)
oca12 Bookmark: (shield) / SHAKSPEARE / portrait / BIRTH PLACE OF THE IMMORTAL BARD (registered 16 April 1862) (excellent quality image)
oca16 Bookmark: SHAKSPEARE / (portrait) / BIRTH PLACE OF THE IMMORTAL BARD (excellent quality image)
(Registered by Caldicott on 11 October 1862, but woven name is that of J. Matthews.
oca24 Bookmark: John B. Sumner, Late Archbishop of Canterbury (registered 11 October 1862)
oca32 Bookmark: HER ROYAL HIGHNESS / THE PRINCESS ALICE (excellent quality image)
oca36 Bookmark: Put thy trust in the Lord - on ribbon wrapped around cross (excellent quality image)
oca40 Bookmark: We praise thee O God (excellent quality image)
oca44 Bookmark: (large space) We praise thee O God (excellent quality image)
oca56 Bookmark: A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (registered 13 November 1862) (excellent quality image)
oca60 Bookmark: A Prosperous (image of Christmas) And A Happy New Year (excellent quality image)
oca104 Scenic view of Coventry (issued in 1858) (excellent quality image)
oca204 Portrait: Rt. Hon. E. Ellice, M.P. (excellent quality image)
oca208 Portrait: Her Majesty Queen Victoria (excellent quality image)
oca212 Portrait: His Royal Highness The Prince Consort - Born Aug. 26, 1819 Died Dec. 14, 1861 (excellent quality image)
oca304 Silk picture: Shakspeare (excellent quality image)
oca310 Sash: Her Majesty Queen Victoria (excellent quality image)

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