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Typical Grant bookmark


Whilst the term "Stevengraph" strictly applies only to those silks made by Thomas Stevens, this term has now become the generic title for all woven silks.

Next to Stevens, the second most significant weaver was William H. Grant & Co., and below you will find Grant's silks categorised.

The initial information for these listings was derived from Geoffrey Godden's book Stevengraphs and other Victorian silk pictures. Now, and with the availability of images, this initial listing has been greatly expanded to include many more titles.

SILKS woven by W.H. Grant:-

SCENIC PICTURES (now 88.8% complete, and last updated 10 April 2021)
PORTRAITS (now 90.9% complete, and last updated 31 January 2021)
BOOKMARKS, RIBBONS & LAPEL PINS (now 91.5% complete, and last updated 31 January 2021)
POSTCARDS (now 88.3% complete, and last updated 31 January 2021)
CALENDARS (now 76.0% complete, and last updated 8 July 2014)
SILK ROSETTES & OTHER SILK ITEMS (now 100.0% complete, and last updated 15 April 2020)
Back Labels and Postcard Frames (last updated 11 February 2015)

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