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Marshall, Morgan & Scott Ltd.

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    Marshall, Morgan & Scott Ltd., London
    name woven on several bookmarks, but probably not manufactured by them.
omm5 All Scripture is given by Inspiration of God (excellent quality image)
omm10 As thy days, so shall thy strength be (excellent quality image)
omm20 Commit thy way unto the Lord (excellent quality image)
omm30 God shall supply all your need (excellent quality image)
omm40 He careth for you (excellent quality image)
omm50 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to-day and for ever (excellent quality image)
omm55 Jesus said Search the scriptures (excellent quality image)
omm60 Kept by the power of God (excellent quality image)
omm65 My Grace is sufficient for thee (excellent quality image)
omm70 My presence shall go with thee (excellent quality image)
omm80 Rest in the Lord (excellent quality image)
omm90 Seek ye out of the Book of the Lord (excellent quality image)
omm100 Study to show thyself approved unto God (excellent quality image)
omm110 The Lord shall be thine everlasting light (excellent quality image)

It was initially thought that this company was a re-named extension of " Morgan & Scott Ltd. "
Now however that more images of both companies are available, this would seem unlikely, and the Marshall, Morgan & Scott Ltd bookmarks are now listed separetely above.

Most of these bookmarks have quotations from the Bible. The Morgan & Scott Ltd bookmarks however, whilst also having religious verses, these are not quotations, and as such are quite different.

It should also be noted there is some overlap in bookmark titles, but not design, with both E. K. and also G. J. C., suggesting there was some sort of relationship between these three companies.


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