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manufactured by J. & J. Cash

It seems to have been a policy of Cash's to sometimes issue a tapestry as both a Greetings Card and also as a framed picture. Individuals too seemed to have framed these Greetings Cards. You will find in the categories below that most of these are now recorded only as a Greetings Card, so please scrutinise both areas.

  Picture Title
      Composite Pictures
    Two Pictures in One Frame
  cash-picture0384 Great Horned Owl with Bald Eagle (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0381 Kingfisher & Robin (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0382 Mallard & Teal with young (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0103 Pheasant & Grouse
  cash-picture0104 Wren & Robin
  cash-picture0105 Wood Duck & Merganser
  cash-picture0100 Orange Tip & Monarch butterflies (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0147 Queen of Spain & Comma butterflies (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0376 Viola tricolor & Lilium tigrinum flowers (excellent quality image)
    Three Pictures in One Frame
  cash-picture0101 Linnet & Coal Tit & Stonechat birds
  cash-picture0102 Nuthatch, Wren & Grey Wagtail birds (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0106 Victorian Flowers - I (Rosa & Aster & Lilium)
  cash-picture0107 Victorian Flowers - II (Tagetes & Chrysanthemum & Viola : unknown order)
  cash-picture0380 Transport of Yesteryear (horse drawn dray, hot air ballon & canal barge) (excellent quality image)
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