Two Pictures in One Frame

Pheasant & Grouse

Catalogue Number:- Reference Number:-  
not yet allocated Cash-picture0103  

J & J Cash woven picture with two pictures in one frame; being a Pheasant & a Grouse
{image of Cash Pheasants silk picture}
{woven CASH'S trademark}
Words printed on matt:
{image of Cash Ruffed Grouse silk picture}
{woven CASH'S trademark}
Words printed on matt:
Ruffed Grouse
Of outer frame: cm deep by cm wide
Each tapestry: cm high by cm wide
These individual tapestries each have the CASH'S name woven into the design on the front.

This Composite Picture was recorded in the 1995 Catalogue as Number 957 of THE MONTAGE COLLECTION.

The individual tapestries are recorded as framed pictures:-
cash-picture0073.html - Pheasant
cash-picture0071.html - Ruffed Grouse

There are two labels on the reverse of this picture:

labels on reverse of this picture
labels on reverse of this picture

This double picture is one of the CASH'S MONTAGE COLLECTION, recorded in their 1995 Sales Catalogue. Others in that collection include:

file reference No: catalogue No: Title:
cash-picture0103 - image above957Pheasant & Grouse birds
cash-picture0104954Wren & Robin birds
cash-picture0105955Wood Duck & Merganser birds
cash-picture0100951Orange Tip & Monarch butterflies
cash-picture0101953Linnet, Coal Tit & Stonechat birds
cash-picture0102952Nuthatch, Wren & Grey Wagtail birds
cash-picture0106687Victorian Flowers - I (Rosa, Aster & Lilium)
cash-picture0107688Victorian Flowers - II (Chrysanthemum, Viola & Tagetes)

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