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  Picture Title
    Butterflies only
  cash-picture0135 Common Blue butterfly (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0130 Monarch butterfly (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0385 Red Admiral butterfly (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0136 Swallowtail butterfly (excellent quality image)
    Butterflies With Flowers
  cash-picture0359 Common Blue butterfly & purple flowers (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0132 Monarch butterfly & orange flowers (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0133 Peacock butterfly & blue flowers (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0134 Swallowtail butterfly & blue flowers (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0139 Brimstone butterfly & Ivy leaves (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0140 Comma butterfly & Daisy (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0144 Common Blue butterfly & yellow flowers (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0141 Common Blue butterfly & Sweet Pea (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0137 Goliath Birdwing butterfly & red flowers (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0401 Green Birdwing butterfly & red flowers (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0142 Green Helicon & red flowers (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0045 Monarch (or Milkweed) butterfly & Butterfly Weed (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0046 Morning Cloak (or Camberwell Beauty) butterfly & Blue Eyed Mary (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0051 Orange Tip butterfly & Nettles (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0044 Passion Flower butterfly & red flowers (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0047 Peacock butterfly & Honeysuckle (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0413 Peacock butterfly & purple flowers (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0048 Purple Emperor butterfly & Spear Thistle (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0143 Queen of Spain butterfly & yellow flowers (good quality image)
  cash-picture0049 Red Admiral butterfly & Downy Rose (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0050 Swallowtail butterfly & Great Spearwart (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0052 Tortoiseshell Butterfly & Clover and Daisy (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0138 Yellow Swordtail butterfly & red flowers (excellent quality image)
    Butterflies in oval frames
  cash-picture0386 Chalkhill Blue butterfly & poppy flowers (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0145 Painted Lady butterfly & berries (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0146 Peacock butterfly & Hawthorn berries (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0389 Red Admiral butterfly & Buttercup flowers (excellent quality image)
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