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typical stevengraph woven silk calendar



of silk
Year   Title
stcal19xx STG145 unknown Columbus Leaving Spain, of unknown date
stcal1921 STG188 1921   The Good Old Days
stcal1922   1922   [unknown at present]
stcal1923   1923   [unknown at present]
stcal1924   1924   [unknown at present]
stcal1925 STG180 1925 Grace Darling (green skirt) (excellent quality image)
stcal1926 STG167 1926 The Death (good quality image)
stcal1927 STG179 1927 Called to the Rescue (excellent quality image)
stcal1928 STG155 1928 Wellington & Blucher (excellent quality image)
stcal1929 STG188 1929 The Good Old Days, with winter landscape (excellent quality image)
stcal1930 STG133 1930 Houses of Parliament (good quality image)
stcal1931 STG136 1931 Tower of London & Tower Bridge (good quality image)
stcal1932 STG128 1932 Windsor Castle (good quality image)
stcal1933 STG142 1933 Forth Bridge - alternative presentations (good quality images)
stcal1934 STG126 1934 Kenilworth Castle (excellent quality image)
stcal1935 STG123 1935 Balmoral Castle (excellent quality image)
stcal1936 STG124 1936 Conway Castle (excellent quality image)
stcal1937 STG20 1937 H. M. King George VI (excellent quality image)
stcal1938 STG19 1938 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (excellent quality image)
stcal1939 STG127 1939 Warwick Castle - The River Front (good quality image)

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