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  Picture Title
    Victorian flowers
  cash-picture0079 Aster alpinus (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0080 Chrysanthemum Sinense (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0081 Lilium tigrinum (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0082 Rosa Indica (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0083 Tagetes patula (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0084 Viola tricolor (excellent quality image)
    Other flowers
      Anemones - see: Miniature Pictures (cash-picture0026)
  cash-picture0331 Chrysanthemum (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0370 European Wild Flowers - Pasture (Birdsfoot Trefoil, Scarlet Pimpernel & Small Meadow Grass)
  cash-picture0371 European Wild Flowers - Waterside (Marsh Marigold & Marsh Stitchwort)
  cash-picture0372 European Wild Flowers - Woodland (Red Campion, Woodsorrel & Woodsedge) (reasonable quality image)
  cash-picture0321 Gentian (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0322 Hydrangeas & Lilacs (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0323 Narcissi & Tulips
  cash-picture0375 North American Wild Flowers - Woodland (Spring Beauty, Lady's Slipper & Rue Anemone) (excellent quality image)
      Pansies - see: Miniature Pictures (cash-picture0027)
  cash-picture0326 Poppy (single flower & buds) (excellent quality image)
      Poppies (three flowers & buds) - see: Miniature Pictures (cash-picture0028)
  cash-picture0329 Primrose (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0334 Rose (orange) (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0335 Rose (pink) (excellent quality image)
      Rose (Wild or Dog) - see: Miniature Pictures (cash-picture0029)
  cash-picture0336 Speedwell (excellent quality image)
  cash-picture0337 Violet (excellent quality image)
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