Tagetes patula

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J & J Cash woven picture of a flower, with title words of Tagetes patula


Tagetes patula
Of frame: cm deep by cm wide
Of tapestry: cm high by cm wide
This picture was recorded in the 1995 CASH'S Sales Catalogue, as one of the VICTORIAN FLOWERS SERIES, with a Collection Number of 502.
The image above shows the tapestry surrounded by an oval: the 1995 Sales Catalogue recorded it with a rectangular surround.
This picture is one of the recorded set of six, being:
file reference No: Picture Title 1995 Catalogue Number
cash-picture0079 Aster 501
cash-picture0080 Chrysanthemum 504
cash-picture0081 Lilium 506
cash-picture0082 Rosa 503
cash-picture0083 Tagetes - being the image above 502
cash-picture0084 Viola 505
Back label noting the image was from Maund's "Botanic Garden", a collection of drawings in the Botanical Library of the British Museum (Natural History):
label attached to the back of this picture

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