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Stevengraph picture titled The Death




st274   Happy Days (excellent quality image)
st276   He died that all might live (excellent quality image)
st280 STG180b H.M.S. - untitled Orlando class cruiser, with one flag on foremast (excellent quality image)
st284   H.M.S. Bedford - sister to HMS Berwick (good quality image)
st288 STG185 H.M.S. Berwick (black & white image only)
st292 STG184b H.M.S. Caesar (excellent quality image)
st296 STG181 H.M.S. Hannibal (excellent quality image)
st298   H.M.S. Illustrious (excellent quality image)
st300   H.M.S. Jupiter (excellent quality image)
st304 STG183 H.M.S. Magnificent (excellent quality image)
st308 STG182 H.M.S. Majestic (excellent quality image)
st316 STG181b H.M.S. Mars (reasonable quality image)
st320 STG181a H.M.S. Prince George (excellent quality image)
st324 STG184 H.M.S. Victorious (black & white image only)
st328 STG184a H.M.S. - untitled Majestic-class pre-dreadnought battleship (excellent quality image)
st332 STG171 Home Stretch (The) (excellent quality image)
st336 STG133 Houses of Parliament (excellent quality image)
st338   I love little pussy (good quality image)
st340   Im Vollen Laufe (German title for 'Full Cry') (indicative quality image)
st344 STG120 International Exhibition, Glasgow, 1888 (excellent quality image)
st352 STG162 Iroquois (red body, black cap & red/black sleeves) (reasonable quality image)
st356   Iroquios - no rear fencing (excellent quality image)
st360   Iroquios - Allen & Ginter's advertising (excellent quality image)
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