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Reference Number:- Sprake Number:- Godden Number:-
st 360 unrecorded recorded without number

Image of cigarette label with Iroquios racehorse
usual colour for this silk
Image of cigarette label with Iroquios racehorse
same image, with different colours on jockey and saddle cloth.

Woven on silk:-
Richmond Straight Cut No.1 Cigarettes ARE THE BEST 

Printed at bottom of card-mount:-

cm deep by cm wide

Unmounted silk:
10.2cm high by 21.0cm wide

by Sprake:

by Godden:
This fine silk shows the racehorse Iroquois in full stride, with Fred Archer up. This horse, owned by P. Lorillard, won the Derby in 1881 - information which is printed on the normal card-mount (see st352).
Some examples have advertisement material relating to the Iroquois brand of tobacco, and silks complete with this are of extreme rarity (see above).

Other comments:
Here is a good example of the need to be constantly vigilant when dealing with un-named silks.

Godden quite rightly identified that an advertisement for cigarettes included a silk made by Stevens. In 1978, the then members of the Stevengraph Collectors Association received the photograph below. They were all told it was by Stevens, and this has been common wisdom ever since.

However, with the availability of the silk above, it is clear this supposed Stevens silk is probably not his at all. It is more likely a product of some other weaver.

In very detailed comparison we have:-

  1. The image above is identical to that of Godden's 34b [st356 on this site], except of course for the addition of the writing along the base line.
  2. In the image below, the horses front legs are set at a different angle.
  3. In the image below, the horses head is held higher than the genuine Stevens, (and is also higher than the Stevens design with the back rail [st352 on this site.].
  4. The colours of the jockey, and the angle at which he is sat are both different, as too is the position of the saddle cloth.
  5. The design of the tail is different.
  6. The hooves of the rear legs are different.
  7. The left hand side rear leg is leading on the genuine Stevens silk, whilst on the image below, the leading rear leg is the right hand side one.
  8. Most importantly, on the genuine Stevens above, the horse's hooves are positioned on the grass. In the image below, the horse's hooves are clearly above the grass.
  9. Finally, the horse below is shorter, in comparison to the writing, than the genuine Stevens above.

There would be no reason for Stevens to have redesigned this silk to this extent. There can therefore be no doubt that these are from two different weavers.

It is more likely that the cigarette company changed their suppliers of the silks, and it is for this reason that a new design was created.

Non-Stevens cigarette label with Iroquios racehorse

Stevens silk image repeated from above for ease of comparison.

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