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Good Luck to You Alpha Series card


ALL Alpha Series postcards are attributed to Thomas Stevens - BUT THAT MIGHT NOT BE THE CASE.

The cards comprise conventional sized postcards, with woven silk centre surrounded by an embossed design. There is usually a printed title above the silk, and often a short verse (typically of two lines) printed below.

The designs are of two groups:

Group 1 being either extracted parts of Stevens bookmarks or silks taken directly from his postcards.
Group 2 are all the other {non-Stevens} designs, and these tend to be of flowers which are unique to Alpha Series cards.

A very knowledgable member of the "Stevengraph Collectors Association " has observed that all the Group 1 silks have an embossed border which is identical to Stevens postcards; whilst the Group 2 cards have a different embossing unique to Alpha. It is also noted that the actual weaving is of different quality, with Group 1 being of a finer quality.

In view of these differences, the opinion is that these cards were probably made by two different weavers:
Group 1 silks being made by Stevens, and actually provided to Alpha already made up in his card mounts.
Whilst Group 2 cards were made up by Alpha themselves, with silk inserts supplied by another weaver.

As this web site is dominated by the silk designs, the index of Alpha Series cards which follows are listed primarily by the design of the silk; and only then sub-divided by the title printed at the top, and then by the words below.

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