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 Schools, organisations, companies etc. could ask Cash's to make a bookmark to their specific design and wording. Alternatively, customers could have their specific words woven into an existing Cash's design.
All such individual personalised designs are included in the relevant " Alphabetic " index above.
However, as a great many customers chose to have their wording woven into the 2000 Millennium bookmark, for convenience, these are also summarised here.
  Bookmark Title
        Summary: Millennium Bookmarks
  cash-bm0129 NM1   Accrington
  cash-bm0140 NM2   Andorran Christian Society
  cash-bm0161 NM3   Bexleyheath Rose Society
  cash-bm0198 NM4   Carl CHINN Afternoon Radio
  cash-bm0197 NM5   Canterbury
  cash-bm0214 NM6   Castlereagh Borough Council
  cash-bm0224 NM7   Chesterfield
  cash-bm0227 NM8a   Christchurch Fellowship #1
  cash-bm0228 NM8b   Christchurch Fellowship #2
  cash-bm0231 NM9   City of Coventry
  cash-bm0230 NM10   City Covers
  cash-bm0233 NM11   City of Manchester
  cash-bm0234 NM12   City of Rochester
  cash-bm0237 NM13   Claire House Children's Hospice
  cash-bm0238 NM14 Clevedon (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0240 NM15   Coalville (note: also as Countryside bookmark)
  cash-bm0243 NM16   Congleton
  cash-bm0252 NM17   Cornwall (note: also as Countryside bookmark)
  cash-bm0261 NM18   Coughton Primary School
  cash-bm0258 NM19   Cotswolds (note: also as Countryside bookmark)
  cash-bm0262 NM20 Coventry (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0277 NM21   Coventry Operatic Society
  cash-bm0291 NM22 David Evans World of Silk (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0293 NM23 Dinnington (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0296 NM24   Dorset (note: also as Countryside bookmark)
  cash-bm0299 NM25   England
  cash-bm0324 NM26   Girl Guide Association (trefoil)
  cash-bm0331 NM27   Goldcrest
  cash-bm0361 NM28   Hillfarm Primary School 60th Anniversary
  cash-bm0365 NM29   Hitchin Girls School
  cash-bm0368 NM30   Huddersfield
  cash-bm0376 NM31   Ifracombe
  cash-bm0380 NM32   Isham School
  cash-bm0398 NM33   Langport
  cash-bm0402 NM34   Leicester
  cash-bm0411 NM35   Longlawford Parish Council
  cash-bm0412 NM36   Lucas
  cash-bm0416 NM37 Silk Museum Macclesfield (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0417 NM38   Maidstone
  cash-bm0418 NM39   Mansfield
  cash-bm0428 NM40 Monday Club (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0431 NM41   Moseley Primary School
  cash-bm0449 NM42   Newton Abbot
  cash-bm0454 NM43 NSPCC Coventry Branch (millennium bookmark) (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0456 NM44   NWA Women's Club
  cash-bm0472 NM45   Ormskirk
  cash-bm0487 NM46   Pershore (note: also as Countryside bookmark)
  cash-bm0545 NM47   Royal Tunbridge Wells
  cash-bm0548 NM48   Rutland
  cash-bm0553 NM49   Salvation Army
  cash-bm0556 NM50   Scarman Trust
  cash-bm0586 NM51   Society of St Andrew, York
  cash-bm0583 NM52   Smethwick
  cash-bm0584 NM53   Smethwick Conservative Ladies Club
  cash-bm0589 NM54   Somerset (note: also as Countryside bookmark)
  cash-bm0608 NM55 Stratford-upon-Avon (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0616 NM56   Sunningdale Women's Institute (note: also as Countryside bookmark)
  cash-bm0619 NM57   Thame
  cash-bm0621 NM58 The Bookmark Society (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0679 NM59   Touchstone Housing
  cash-bm0696 NM60   Wallingford (note: also as Countryside bookmark)
  cash-bm0706 NM61   West Malling
  cash-bm0730 NM62   Woodlands School
  cash-bm0724 NM63   Wirral
  cash-bm0725 NM64   Wirral Peninsula
  cash-bm0734 NM65 Yeovil (excellent quality image)
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