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 Schools, organisations, companies etc. could ask Cash's to make a bookmark to their specific design and wording. Alternatively, customers could have their specific words woven into an existing Cash's design.
All such individual personalised designs are included in the relevant " Alphabetic " index above.
However, as a great many customers chose to have their wording woven into the Countryside bookmark, for convenience, these are also summarised here.
  Bookmark Title
        Summary: Countryside Bookmarks
  cash-bm0137 CS1   Amberley Church, Glos
  cash-bm0147 CS2   Ashwood
  cash-bm0164 CS3   Binley Wood Primary School
  cash-bm0169 CS4 Blandford Forum (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0170 CS5 Blenheim Palace (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0179 CS6   Boughton Monchelsea Primary School 1850 - 2000 (with outline of stag)
  cash-bm0185 CS7   Bubbenhall CE First School 1864 - 1996
  cash-bm0199 CS8   Carlisle
  cash-bm0213 CS9 Castle Combe (good quality image)
  cash-bm0239 CS10   Coalville (note: also as Millennium bookmark)
  cash-bm0241 CS11 Coleshill (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0250 CS12   Corley CE School 1837 - 1996
  cash-bm0260 CS13   Coughton C of E Primary School
  cash-bm0251 CS14 Cornwall (note: also as Millennium bookmark) (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0257 CS15 Cotswolds (note: also as Millennium bookmark) (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0284 CS16   Cuckfield
  cash-bm0286 CS17   Cymru Wales
  cash-bm0292 CS18 Devon (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0292 CS18   Devon
  cash-bm0294 CS19   Dorchester 2000
  cash-bm0295 CS20   Dorset (note: also as Millennium bookmark)
  cash-bm0311 CS21   Fillongley C of E School
  cash-bm0321 CS22 George Fentham Endowed School 2000 (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0339 CS23   Hampshire
  cash-bm0375 CS24   Ilminster
  cash-bm0394 CS25   Keynsham
  cash-bm0396 CS26 Kirk Hammerton Methodist Church (bible, no badger) (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0404 CS27   Leek Wootton School
  cash-bm0413 C21   Lutterworth
  cash-bm0452 CS28   Northamptonshire
  cash-bm0474 CS29 Oundle (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0486 CS30   Pershore (note: also as Millennium bookmark)
  cash-bm0513 CS31   Priors Marden C of E School
  cash-bm0516 CS32   Ravensdale Primary School 1937 - 1997 (Countryside bookmark)
  cash-bm0542 CS33 Ross-on-Wye (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0565 CS34   Sedgefield Co Durham
  cash-bm0570 CS35   Sherfield on Loddon
  cash-bm0571 CS36 Shilton 2000 (excellent quality image)
  cash-bm0590 CS37   South Wales
  cash-bm0588 CS38   Somerset (note: also as Millennium bookmark)
  cash-bm0607 CS39   St Werburgh's Church, Lymm
  cash-bm0615 CS40   Sunningdale Women's Institute (note: also as Millennium bookmark)
  cash-bm0658 CS41   Tiverton
  cash-bm0676 CS42   Toddington
  cash-bm0695 CS43   Wallingford (note: also as Millennium bookmark)
  cash-bm0705 CS44   Wessex
  cash-bm0708 CS45   Westbury
  cash-bm0709 CS46   Weston-in-Arden First School
  cash-bm0718 CS47   Wiltshire
  cash-bm0728 CS48 Woman's Gas Federation 1935 - 1993 (excellent quality image)
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