Great Britain/Canadian

(man's & woman's hand; tassel only behind hands)

image of man's and woman's hands, tassles and flags of the UK and Merchant Navy

In all previous records, the CANADIAN flag has been recorded incorrectly as the MERCHANT NAVY flag. This has now been corrected, and this silk has been recorded with the Hands Across the Seas postcards having the following ship's names:-
Recorded by
John High
Name of Ship
sh72 * (no ship name)
sh74   RMS Adriatic
sh76 * RMS Alaunia
sh78   RMS Alsatian
sh80 * RMS Andania
sh84 * RMS Antonia
sh88 * RMS Ascania
sh90   SS Ascania
sh92 * RMS Ausonia
sh96 * RMS Baltic
sh100 * RMS Calgarian
sh104 * TSS Cameronia
sh108 * RMS Canada
sh110 * RMS Canopic
sh112   RMS Caronia
sh116 * SS Celtic
sh120 * RMS Corsican
sh124 * RMS Cymric
sh128 * RMS Dominion
sh136 * SS Dominion
sh140 * HMT Empress of Britain
sh142 * HMT Empress of Britain (experimental card with 6 finger hand)
sh144 * RMS Empress of Britain
sh152 * RMS Empress of France
sh156 * RMS Empress of Ireland
sh164 * RMS Grampian
sh168 * RMS Hesperian
sh172 * RMS Ivernia
sh176 * SS Kensington
sh180 * RMS Laconia
sh184 * SS Lake Champlain
sh188 * SS Lake Erie
sh192 * SS Lake Manitoba
sh198   RMS Lapland
sh200 * RMS Laurentic
sh204 * SS Laurentic
sh208 * RMS Lucania
sh212 * RMS Lusitania
sh214   RMS Majestic
sh216 * RMS Mauretania
sh220 * RMS Megantic
sh224 * SS Megantic
sh228 * RMS Melita
sh232 * RMS Metagama
sh236 * RMS Minnedosa
sh240 * RMS Missanabie
sh242   SS Northland
sh244 * RMS Olympic
sh248 * RMS Parisian
sh250   SS Pomeranian
sh252 * RMS Regina
sh256 * TTSS Royal Edward
sh260 * RMS Royal George
sh262   TT SS Royal George
sh268 * RMS Saxonia
sh276 * RMS Scandinavian
sh280 * SS Scandinavian
sh284 * RMS Scotian
sh288 * SS Southwark
sh292 * RMS Teutonic
sh300 * RMS Tunisian
sh304 * RMS Umbria
sh308 * RMS Victorian
sh310   RMS " Victorian "
sh316 * RMS Virginian

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and updated on 12 April 2017. SS Pomeranian added 29 December 2017. sh112 and sh310 both added 18 September 2019. SS Northland added 28 April 2022

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