(man's & woman's hand; tassel above each flag & beyond each sleeve)

Image of US and Swedish flags, with man's and woman's hands

This silk has been recorded with the Hands Across the Seas postcards having the following ship's names:-
Recorded by
John High
Name of Ship
sh1288 * RMS Arabic
sh1290   SS Arabic
sh1296 * RMS Baltic
sh1300 * RMS Campania
sh1304 * RMS Carmania
sh1312 * RMS Caronia
sh1316 * RMS Cedric
sh1320 * RMS Celtic
sh1328 * SS Celtic
sh1332 * RMS Cymric
sh1336 * SS Dominion
sh1340 * RMS Franconia
sh1344 * RMS Ivernia
sh1352 * RMS Laconia
sh1356 * RMS Laurentic
sh1360 * RMS Lucania
sh1368 * RMS Lusitania
sh1372 * RMS Mauretania
sh1376 * RMS "Olympic"
sh1380 * SS Republic
sh1384 * RMS Saxonia
sh1392 * RMS Umbria

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