(harp only at left)

(2 men's hands; tassel only behind hands)

Hands Across the Sea postcard

This silk has been recorded with the Hands Across the Seas postcards having the following ship's names:-
Recorded by
John High
Name of Ship
sh1084 * SS Arabic
sh1088 * RMS Baltic
sh1092 * SS California
sh1096 * RMS Campania
sh1098   RMS Carmania
sh1100 * RMS Caronia
sh1104 * RMS Cedric
sh1107   RMS Celtic
sh1108 * SS Celtic
sh1114   SS Columbia
sh1120 * SS Cymric
sh1124 * RMS Ivernia
sh1126   RMS Lucania
sh1128 * RMS Lusitania
sh1132 * RMS Mauretania
sh1136 * RMS Oceanic
sh1140 * SS Republic
sh1144 * RMS Saxonia

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