image of the main exhibition road of the Paris Exhibition of 1900

Les Palais Du Champ De Mars

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Grant Catalogue Number:-
gt 490 not recorded unknown

Woven on Silk:-

Printed at bottom of card:-

Woven in Silk
L'Exposition universelie de 1900.
cm deep by m wide

cm high by cm wide


by Geoffrey Godden:
Godden does not record this title.

Other comments:
There is no Grant name on either the front or back of this picture, although it is believed to be a genuine GRANT.

The overall picture is a view along the main exhibition street for the 1900 PARIS EXPOSITION. It shows various buildings, of which the most prominent are:
The exhibition building on the left hand corner is the PALACE OF MINES & METALLURGY. The one on the right hand corner is the PALACE OF EDUCATION, SCIENCE & ARTS. In the centre, in the distance is a water fountain, with a building behind with a glowing light. These are the CHATEAU D'EAU and PALACE OF ELECTRICITY respectively.

GRANT made three postcards with these buildings as the woven silks, although as at the time these cards were not accepted in the UK postal system, it does seem rather unlikely he made them at, or for, the Exposition. Various of these postcards have been seen with reference to THE BIRMINGHAM EXHIBITION 1905, suggesting a later date of manufacture.

The postcards are referenced as:
Palace of Education, Science & Arts (recorded as gc192)
Palace of Electricity and Chateau d'Eau (recorded as gc196)
Silk Woven Souvenir Post Card: Paris Exhibition 1900 - no title {Palais des Mines et Métallurgie (recorded as gc677)

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