Paris Exhibition, 1900

Palace of Electricity and Chateau d'Eau

no title

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Black and white silk image of Exhibition building, with a fountain in front, with no title


Woven on Silk:-


Printed at bottom of card:-
W. H. GRANT & Co.
cm long by cm deep

cm long by cm deep


This postcard does not have the title either woven on the silk, nor printed on the card.

The actual " Chateau d'Eau " is the fountain in the foreground. The " Palace of Electricity " is the building behind, with the radiant emblem.

From this World Fairs web site, there is a link to "Palais de l'Electricité et le Château d'Eau", which has an excellent picture of the view above, all be it taken at a slight angle to the side.

Out of interest, I have seen this same silk postcard on which is a hand written message on the reverse, which says:

" From the Birmingham Exhibition, 1905. "

I have been unable to find any reference to an exhibition in Birmingham with this date, other than the 40th Spring Exhibition at the Royal Birmingham Society of Arts in New Street, which took place in 1905.
As that exhibition however was primarily of paintings, it would seem unlikely that Grant displayed there, and it is more likely that this card was simply on sale at the exhibition shop.

There is also recorded on this site the Swallow Falls silk postcard {gc588} that similarly had a hand written reference to the same exhibition.


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