(harp only at left)

(man's & woman's hand; tassel only behind hands)

Image of US and Irish flags and man's and woman's hands

This silk has been recorded with the Hands Across the Seas postcards having the following ship's names:-
Recorded by
John High
Name of Ship
sh1004 * RMS Adriatic
sh1008 * RMS Arabic
sh1012 * SS Arabic
sh1016 * RMS Baltic
sh1018   RMS Baltic (error: Stevens silk; Grant card)
sh1020 * SS Caledonia
sh1024 * TSS Caledonia
sh1028 * SS California
sh1032 * TSS Cameronia
sh1036 * RMS Campania
sh1040 * RMS Carmania
sh1044 * RMS Caronia
sh1048 * RMS Cedric
sh1052 * RMS Celtic
sh1054   SS Celtic
sh1056 * SS Columbia
sh1058 * RMS Cymric
sh1060 * RMS Franconia
sh1064 * ss 'Furnessia'
sh1068 * RMS Ivernia
sh1072 * RMS Laconia
sh1076 * RMS Mauretania
sh1078   RMS Saxonia

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