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gc 428 not recorded No Postcards listed by Sprake Not recorded

woven image of ship, with small flags above and ships name printed below silk
the image of this postcard was kindly donated by
Mark Cottrill, U.K. 

Woven on Silk:-

[image of ship, with small flags above]

Printed at bottom of card:-
cm long by cm deep

cm long by cm deep


Grant postcards usually have printed card designs, although it is now believed they also made two variety of embossed ship and Hands Across The Sea postcards.

From the recorded silk R.M.S. Caronia {gc408 on this site} which has the Grant name printed on the card, we know that embossed silks with an anchor design in each corner were made by Grant.

A second feature noted with these "anchor" cards is a secondary rectangular embossing enclosing the whole central design. It is believed this feature is unique to Grant, and it is this feature which has identified the silk postcard above as being of Grant manufacture.

Below is an image of an unusual reverse which has been found on the back of a postcard with the front recorded above. This reverse has been called the " Tear Drop " design, and in comparison to normal reverse designs, is minimalistic, and possibly experimental. The printed postage though is only a half penny, which would make the design applicable up to circa June 1918 (when postage went to 1d).

printed reverse seen on a  card with this title and design
printed reverse seen on a card with the design and title recorded above

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