Coronation May 12th 1937


Reference Number:- Godden Number:-  
gb 318 not recorded  

view of front of this
favour, with the top
fold-over extended,
showing the absence
of a woven name
reverse view of this favour, showing the absence of a woven name
woven favour with words


{original pin for wearing this favour on a coat}
{image of crown}
{image of Union Jack flag and Royal Standard}
CORONATION   MAY 12th 1937
Of favour: 7.5cm long by 3.5cm wide
As can be seen in the image above, there is no name woven on the reverse top turnover of this favour, and the image below shows the view of the reverse of this favour; again with no woven name at the pointed end. It is hence not possible to attribute it to any particular weaver with any certainty.

However, as Mark Cottrill, the President of the Stevengraph Collectors Association includes this title in his 2012 self publish picture book: The Silk Weavings of William Henry Grant, it can be assumed it was made by GRANT.

view of reverse of this favour

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