Great Britain/Australian Flag

(men's & woman's hands; tassel behind hands only)
(man's hand has 5 fingers + hidden thumb)

Image of Great Britain and Australian flags, and man's & woman's hands

This silk has been recorded with the Hands Across the Seas postcards having the following ship's names:-
Recorded by
John High
Name of Ship
sh58 not recorded (no ship name)
sh62 not recorded SS Persic
sh64 not recorded SS Runic

The image of the hands differs from all other Stevens Hands Across the Sea cards. Not only is the woman's hand (facing forward) more open than normal and the palm is visible, importantly, the man's hand clearly has five fingers, with the thumb hidden.

Chris Radley, writing in the 1985 RF Picture Postcard Catalogue publication mentions that STEVENS might have produced Experimental cards in Australia, one of which was a HANDS ACROSS THE SEA card with Great Britain and Australian flags.
Whilst none of the silks recorded above actually has the words " HANDS ACROSS THE SEA " printed at the top of the cards, it is still possible that the silks above relate to those mentioned by Radley.

The embossing round the silks of Persic and Runic is of a maple leaf design which is used sparingly by Stevens, and it is this feature which defines them as of Stevens manufacture. An example, with maple leaf embossing and six finger hand, can be seen as HMT Empress Britain (sh142 on this site).

However, the embossing round the silk of the " no ship name " silk is of the Grant " Cat: C: Embossed 8-six petal + 4-five petal border " type. I have no explaination as to why a supposed Stevens silk should be mounted in a supposed Grant card.

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