same portrait, but without the woven registration number
Baden Powell
portrait with woven registration number in lower left corner
Baden Powell


(3 levels of shading from ear down)

Reference Number:- Sprake Number:- Godden Number:-
so 72 STG40 85
Woven on silk:-
Banner which reads:-

Signature: Baden Powell

Rd: 355916

Printed at bottom of card-mount:-

18.4cm deep by 13.3cm wide

10.4cm high by 6.1cm wide

by Sprake:
"Prince of Scouts and Hero of Mafeking" is woven in blue within red sash. Regd. No. 355916 woven in lower left. 

by Godden:
Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell was born in London on 22 February 1857. In 1897 he was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel commanding the Fifth Dragoon Guards (the rank first listed on Stevens label 31+32).
However, Baden-Powell is probably best remembered not for his military activities in the South African War, with his skilful and courageous defence of Mafeking, but more for his work in establishing the now world-wide Scout movement. The first Scout camp took place in 1907 and the title PRINCE OF SCOUTS, seen on the Stevens silk portrait, probably related to his military scouts rather than to the later Boy Scouts.

This silk design was registered at the Patent Office on 10 April 1900, and the registration number 355916 is woven at the bottom left-hand corner of the silk, although it can also appear stamped on the back-label.
The portrait appears to have been taken from a photograph by Elliott & Fry reproduced in the first issue of The Sphere on 27 January 1900.
The title LT. COL. BADEN-POWELL was first listed on label 31+32, but this was soon amended on subsequent labels to read GENERAL BADEN-POWELL, the upgrading in rank to Major-General having taken place in May 1900 as a result of his famous defence of Mafeking (a further change in rank took place in 1908, when Baden-Powell was promoted to Lieutenant-General).
The later "General" is here designated 85a [so76 on this site]. The rank does not, however, appear on the silk or on the card-mount, but the later silks show shading from a point level with the collar downwards, whereas the rare early issues have three strengths of shading from the ear-level [as the image above].

Apart from the above portrait pictures, Baden-Powell was also depicted on a small 'favour'.

N.B. Baden-Powell was also depicted on Grant's silks. The Grant version was registered slightly before the Stevens example, on 24 March 1900. 

Other comments:
The design of this silk was registered on 10 April 1900, number 355916.

The silk above is mounted on a 30+31 back-label, which refers to 'General Baden-Powell', even though the silk is of the earlier version. 

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