Coventry Cathedral

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not yet allocated Cash-picture0001  

J & J Cash woven picture with no words, but image of Coventry Cathedral
the image of this woven picture was copied, with permission, from the Cash's web site.


{there are no words}
from the Cash web site,
it is known this design
is titled
{the picture displays
the NEW CATHEDRAL on the right, and
the OLD CATHEDRAL on the left, with
the central stairs giving access to both.}
{the Old Cathedral is just the remaining
ruined shell, destroyed in November 1940.}

Of card mount: 21.0cm deep by 29.7cm wide
Of tapestry: 13.0cm high by 19.0cm wide
This picture is one of the J. & J. Cash COVENTRY AND WARWICK series.

From the Cash's website, it is known this design is titled: COVENTRY CATHEDRAL, as " STYLE 8008 ", but without an actual Collection Number.

This picture was available for sale in October 2018 from the J. & J. Cash website, made of fine yarns on white mount board, at 29.95.


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