Mrs Albee

(seated Avon Team Leader)

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not yet allocated Cash-picture0242  

J & J Cash woven picture with no words, but image of lady sat in an arm chair


Of frame: cm deep by cm wide
Of tapestry: cm high by cm wide
back label of this picture, giving details of Mrs Albee's involvement with Avon, and that this picture was the second to be awarded to Avon Team Leaders:
back label of this picture, with title
     " Mrs. Albee "
This second exclusively
designed Christmas gift
has been created for and
presented to Avon Team
Leaders in appreciation
for their constant dedica-
tion and excellent work.
The woven picture in silk
and rayon, depicts Mrs.
Albee, Avon's first Rep-
resentative and a continu-
ing source of inspiration
for all. It is a fine example
of loom artistry from the
studios J & J Cash Ltd.


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