Sailing ship

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not yet allocated Cash-card0317  

J & J Cash small oval centred woven picture with image of a Sailing ship


{image of a Sailing ship}
Of outer frame: cm deep by cm wide
Of tapestry: cm high by cm wide
CASH'S encouraged owners to frame these cards after use to make a picture, and many of these cards are now found in personalised frames. CASH'S however, also issued them as pictures, already framed. It is worth noting that as a picture, there is usually a brown edge to the actual tapestry, whilst as a Greetings Card there is a single printed line a small distance from the edge.
In the image above, the single printed line can be seen clearly, suggesting this tapestry is a framed Greetings card, and as such there is no printed title, and there is no woven CASH'S name on the tapestry.

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