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J & J Cash woven sports card, with image of a windsurfer with multicoloured sail


{image of a windsurfer with multicoloured sail}
Of outer frame: 20.5cm deep by 15.2cm wide
Of tapestry: 9.5cm deep by 7.0cm wide
CASH'S encouraged owners of their cards, once used, to frame them behind glass. CASH'S also tended to sell these cards already framed. In both events, these cards are now usually found already framed, as indeed is the case with the one above, although the frame would more usually have contained a photograph.
The only back label is a small round adhesive " CASH'S " name, and I have recorded all these tapestries as GREETINGS CARDS, rather than pictures.

close up view of adhesive label found on these framed cards:

close up view of the round adhesive label found on these framed greetings cards, with CASH'S name

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