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not yet allocated Cash-card0208  

J & J Cash woven flower card, with image of Gentian flowers


{image of Gentian flowers}
Of card: cm deep by cm wide
Of tapestry: cm deep by cm wide
This greeting card was recorded in the CASH'S 1995 Sales Catalogue, as part of their FLOWERS series, and with series Number 699.

Other titles also recorded in this series include:

file reference No: Card Title Collection
cash-card0197 Burnet Rose (landscape) 649  
cash-card0203 Daisy (landscape, white with yellow & pink flowers) 696  
cash-card0205 Downey Rose (landscape) 650  
cash-card0208 - the image above Gentian 699  
cash-card0213 Poppy (single flower with multiple buds) 273  
cash-card0215 Poppy II (two red poppies & blue flowers) 697  
cash-card0216 Poppy - red headed (landscape three poppies with leaves & blue flowers) 698  
cash-card0218 Primrose (multiple flowers) 274  
cash-card0220 Primrose II (three primrose with blue & pink flowers) 695  
cash-card0222 Speedwell 276  
cash-card0226 Violet (multiple flowers & leaves) 275  
cash-card0227 Wild Geranium 700  

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