Stag with snow scene

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view of inside rear cover of earlier version
Stag with snow scene
view of later conventional design, with tapestry on the front cover
Stag with snow scene


{image of a stag with a winter scene}
Of card: 17.0cm deep by 13.0cm wide
Of tapestry: 11.0cm deep by 6.5cm wide
This card comprises a fold over cover with a flimsy tissue inside page to protect the silk (as shown below). The woven silk itself being framed on the back cover.
The inside was left blank for the sender to write their own message.

As well as making these cards for sale, CASH'S also issued Christmas cards with their own personalised greetings printed on the inside. This particular card was issued by CASH'S as their Own Company Christmas card for 1958, and is recorded on this site as cash-card0278 - Christmas 1958 (Stag)

It would seem that CASH'S also reissued this same woven silk in a conventional card format, with the woven tapestry on the front cover. This later version is shown above, to the right of the earlier version.

View of inside of the earlier issued Christmas card, showing the flimsy tissue covering the actual silk, and a manuscript greeting written on the inside cover.

inside view of opened Stag with snow scene card

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