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not yet allocated Cash-bm0694 M56  

Cash's greeting card, with an attached woven bookmark titled: WALES


Cash's Greeting card
with an attached woven bookmark
with title words:
Of card: cm deep by cm wide
Of tapestry: cm deep by cm wide
This bookmark is from the CASH'S Countries series. The full list of this series being:
file reference No: Bookmark Title:
cash-bm0301 England    
cash-bm0379 Ireland    
cash-bm0558 Scotland    
cash-bm0694 - image above Wales    

The Bookmark Society record that CASH'S allocated a Reference Number of 367 to this bookmark.

As can be seen in the image above, this card was issued with the woven bookmark attached, together with an envelope for posting.
It is unknown how the reverse of this card is printed, although other similar cards have a printed list of available titles.  

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