The holly and the ivy

(white stockings, plain yellow basket, hair yellow)

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not yet allocated Cash-bm0631 386  

Cash's woven bookmark with woven words of the carol, woman and man and lots of leaves


{image of woman with white stockings & black shoes,
curly hair with no highlights &
plain yellow basket on the floor}
The holly
and the ivy,
When they are
both full grown,
Of all the
trees that are
in the wood,
The holly
bears the crown.
{image of man stood on
ornate square stool,
with two pictures on wall}
Of bookmark: 20.0cm deep by 5.0cm wide
This bookmark was recorded in the J & J CASH'S 1995 sales catalogue, with the number 097. It was one of the Cash's CHRISMAS series.

This bookmark is signed on the reverse top turn-over:

J & J Cash woven logo on the reverse top turnover of this bookmark

CASH'S also earlier made a near identical bookmark, recorded as cash-bm0630, with a number of small, insignificant differences. The version above was the second, and is the shorter of the two, being of a standard length.
The most obvious differences being:

bookmark recorded above:
alternative cash-bm0630 bookmark:
woman is wearing black shoes and white stockings.
woman is wearing black boots
woman's hair is simple curly yellow.
woman's hair has highlights or shaddows
basket on the floor is plain yellow.
basket on the floor has black stripes
man is stood on ornate stool.
man is stood on plain square stool

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