I wandered lonely as a cloud

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not yet allocated Cash-bm0374 1046  

J & J Cash woven bookmark, with words of Wordsworth poem
the image of this woven bookmark
was copied, with permission,
from the Cash's web site.


{landscape view of wood and fields}
I wandered lonely
as a cloud
That floats on high
o'er vales and hills,
When all at once
I saw a crowd,
A host of
golden daffodills;
Beside the lake,
beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing
in the breeze
{signature of:}
                             William Wordsworth
Of bookmark: 20.0cm long by 5.0cm wide
Of card: 27.5cm long by 11.5cm wide
This bookmark is one of the J. & J. CASH AROUND BRITAIN series.

From the Cash's website, it is known this design is titled: LAKE DISTRICT, and although it did not have a published Collection Number, the Bookmark Society records the Number as 1046.

This bookmark is an updated version of an earlier one, recorded as cash-bm0392 on this site, although as there are a few minor differences, this version has been recorded as a seperate entry. A notable difference is the absence of the dots around the border of the bookmark.

This bookmark was available for sale in October 2018 from the J. & J. Cash website, mounted on a white card, with quality ivory envelope, at 9.95.

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