Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische . .

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Cash's woven bookmark with woven title words in German, and words of a poem
the image of this bookmark
was copied from the
March 2012 edition of
The Bookmark Society newsletter


{image of a man holding an umbrella, whilst fishing}
Fritz fischt
frische Fische.
Frische Fische
fischt Fischers
Fritz fisht
frish-th fish-th.
Frish-th fish-th
fisht Fishers
{image of a pair of legs
of the fisherman falling
into the river, with a
fish looking on}
Of bookmark: cm deep by cm wide
My knowledge of the German Language is non-existent. I understand however that a rough translation of this tongue twister is:
Fritz, the fisherman's son, fishes for fresh fish;
For fresh fish fishes Fritz, the fisherman's son.
Fritz, the fisherman's son is fishing freshness fish.
For fresh fish fishes Fritz, the fisherman's son.

The design of this bookmark is the same as cash-bm0122: A lively young fisher. The German translation though is not the same verse.


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