All Things Bright and Beautiful

Catalogue Number:- Reference Number:- The Bookmark Society Number:-  
not yet allocated Cash-bm0133 21 & 1049  

early version
of the same bookmark
with discernible differences
in the woven birds & animals
earlier J & J Cash woven bookmark, with words
recent issue
J & J Cash woven bookmark, with words of childs hymn
the image of this woven bookmark
was copied, with permission,
from the Cash's web site.


All things
All creatures
                             C. F. ALEXANDER
Of bookmark: 20.0cm long by 5.0cm wide
Of card: 27.5cm long by 11.5cm wide

There are two bookmark images shown above. The design of both are the same, although there are a number of discernible differences in the woven birds and annimals.

Bookmark to the left:
This bookmark was recorded in both the CASH'S 1995 and 2000 Sales Catalogues with the Reference Number of 110. It is also recorded by The Bookmark Society with their catalogue number of 21.
At that time, the bookmark was recorded by J. & J. CASH in their NATURE series.

It is Signed on the back top turn-over:

woven J & J Cash name on reverse top turnover of this bookmark

Bookmark to the right:

This version is a more recent issue, being re-woven by J & J CASH in 2010, when it was also part of their NATURE series.
From the Cash's website, it is known this recent design is titled: ALL CREATURES, with the Collection Number of 1049.

This bookmark was available for sale in October 2018 from the J. & J. Cash website, mounted on a white card, with quality ivory envelope, at 9.95.

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