Portraits of Beaconsfield, Queen Victoria & Bright

Beaconsfield, Queen Victoria & Bright

Reference Number:- Sprake Number:- Godden Number:-
so 9 not recorded not recorded
Printed below silks:-
The late Earl of Beaconsfield
Her Majesty Queen Victoria
Rt. Hon. John Bright. M.P.
cm deep by cm wide

cm deep by cm wide

by Sprake:
Sprake does not record this title.

by Godden:
Sprake does not record this title.

Other comments:
The three individual silks which comprise this picture are all genuine Stevens manufacture. It is unlikely however that the matt is original.

The three silk portraits are recorded individually as:

so92 Beaconsfield, The Late Earl of (flowers across jacket)
so504 Victoria, Her Majesty Queen (facing left - woven above portrait 'Victoria Queen of an Empire on which the sun never sets')
so120 Bright, Rt. Hon. John, M.P. (with flowers across jacket)

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