Image of the Princess of Wales - future Queen Mary

H.R.H. The Princess of Wales

(facing very slightly right, with thistles, shamrock etc. below)

- future Queen Mary

Reference Number:- Sprake Number:- Godden Number:-
so 552 STG14 153
Woven on silk:-
RD: 373873 

Printed at bottom of card-mount:-

cm deep by cm wide

cm deep by cm wide

by Austin Sprake:
Title woven in red. Regd. No. 373873 woven in. Portrait facing right, and identical to STG 13 except for the title. Pair to STG 17

by Geoffrey Godden:
The Princess of Wales, who was to become Queen Mary, was born on 26 May 1867, the daughter of Francis, Duke of Teck, and Princess Mary Adelaide.
On 6 July 1893 the Princess married the Duke of York and was consequently H.R.H. The Duchess of Cornwall and York (see so608).
After the death of Queen Victoria and the succession of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, who were the former holders of the titles, Princess Mary and her husband George were created Princess and Prince of Wales in November 1901, and they in turn succeeded to the British throne on 6 May 1910.

The Stevens silk portrait with the woven title H.R.H. THE PRINCESS OF WALES is substantially the same as that registered on 8 May 1901 with the then current title THE DUCHESS OF CORNWALL & YORK (see so608), and the registration number 373873 is woven into the 'Princess of Wales' silk although this was not the subject originally covered by the registration.

A pairing silk represents THE PRINCE OF WALES (see so540), and both these titles were listed on label 33+33.

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