silk in matt with printed title
portrait image of Mr Cleveland
same silk but mounted in matt with no printed title
same portrait image of Mr Cleveland but no printed title

Mr. Cleveland.

Reference Number:- Sprake Number:- Godden Number:-
so 198 not recorded not recorded
Woven on silk:-
signature of Grover Cleveland

Printed at bottom of card-mount:-

Mr. Cleveland.

Right hand Card-mount:
18.1cm deep by 14.0cm wide

10.2cm deep by 6.4cm wide

by Sprake:
Sprake does not record this title.

by Godden:
Godden does not record this title, only the one as President, recorded as so200 on this site.

Other comments:
Please be advised that there are two versions of this portrait silk:
The Genuine Stevens silk has stars woven into the shield below the eagle.
It is known there is a second version of this silk without these stars - and it is believed this version is NOT a genuine Stevens.
The reverse of the silk on the left has a printed label which would have been used only at the Exposition; whilst the silk on the right has a normal Stevens advertising back label:
This link between manufacturer and the back label though is of importance.
This site records a bookmark still attached to the stiff backing paper with the exact same printing as the portrait on the left - sb4: 1492 - 1892 400th Anniversary in Commemoration of the discovery of America 1492 / . . .. This bookmark however has the JJ Mannion credit woven on the reverse.

It is a long held believe that Mannion was an agent for Stevens, and this adds support to that.

reverse label on silk above on the left
which was probably only used at the Exposition
reverse label of silk above on the left
reverse label on the silk above on the right
which was a standard STEVENS advertising label
standard Stevens advertising lable on reverse of silk above on the right

This same portrait silk has been seen mounted in a typical continental card matt, with the abridged printed title:

M. Cleveland.
same portrait image of Mr Cleveland with continental card matt

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