Reference Number:- Sprake Number:- Godden Number:-
st 408 STG177 40a

5 riders on equal diameter wheel safety bicycles racing to the finish

Woven on silk:-

Printed at bottom of card mount:-

The Last Lap.

cm deep by cm wide

cm high by cm wide

by Austin Sprake:
A modern bicycle race with flags flying from the grandstand. This picture is very rare and was, therefore, obviously not the best seller when manufactured.

by Geoffrey Godden:
The later variation with safety bicycles is similar to that previously described [that is with penny-farthing bicycles; st 404 on this site], only in this version the five cyclists are travelling in the opposite direction - that is, from right to left. They are dressed in shorts. A large two-storey grandstand is introduced, and the skyline of an industrial city (probably Coventry) is to be seen to the right of the picture. This version is very rare and is normally found on type E card-mounts. The title THE LAST LAP was reintroduced on label 29+38 of c. 1893 and may relate to the introduction of the new version with the safety bicycles.
It is fitting that Thomas Stevens of Coventry should have issued silks showing bicycle-racing, for that city was the centre of the British cycle industry and there was a special racing track in the Coventry Recreation Ground.

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