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st 44 STG169 1

Oxford and Cambridge University's boat race start
the image of this silk was kindly donated by György Tóth, Hungary

Woven on silk:-

Printed at bottom of card-mount:-


Are you Ready?

12.7 cm deep by 20.3 cm wide

5.1 cm high by 15.2 cm wide

by Austin Sprake:
The first of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race pair. The companion being "The Final Spurt" [st 188 on this site].
Fine unfaded specimens of both Boat Race pictures show the faces and limbs of the crews in pink, the Cambridge oars in pale blue and the Oxford oars in dark blue. 

by Geoffrey Godden:
Landscape view of the start of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race on the River Thames. The subject forms a pair with "The Final Spurt" [st 188 on this site].
This scene was registered on 8th January 1880 and first occured on label 9 with card-mount B [as this image] or B1, the latter with the impressed diamond-shaped registration mark in the top right-hand corner.
This subject, with its companion, was produced for at least twenty years - that is, into the twentieth century - but examples on card-mounts C to E are very rare. These boat-race pictures are rather prone to fading, especially the dark and light blue oars used by the Oxford and Cambridge crews respectively.  

Other comments:
Registered 8th January 1880.
In the image above, the dark blue Oxford University boat is in the foreground, and the lighter blue Cambridge University boat is in the background.

Although a pair with THE FINAL SPURT [st 188 on this site], it is worth mentioning that the boats change station between the two pictures. At the start (above) Oxford is in the foreground, heading left. In the Final Spurt, Oxford are again in the foreground, but heading right - that is, the opposite side to where they started. In this Oxford - Cambridge boat race, the two boats are not permitted to change sides.

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